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Media Center Ease of Use

It it just me? When I'm adding illustrated content, I

1) Go to Media Center

2) Upload a picture

3) Go to the page I'm working on, click on the picture Icon

4) Click on "Browse Server"

The list comes up, as far as I can tell, in random order and just small enough I have to make it bigger, so I

5) Pull a corner to expose the "created" column

6) Click on "Created", which puts the oldest one first

7) Click on "Created" again

8) Click on "Select" for the picture I added in (2).


If the window that lets me browse the server would "remember" how big it was the last time I used it, and what order I liked my files in, it would save me a little time and a lot of frustration. Many applications have pop-ups that remember one, the other or both. It can't be rocket science.


The media center-pop-up doesn't have little triangles to say "sort ascending/descending, at least not in Mozilla FF running under Windows 7.


Here is a sample, the first 10 files when the window opened. They are not in order by name, size, or date created. This table lined up when it had tabs in it. They vanished when I pasted it.


Select cows.jpg 53.8 KB Image 11/13/2013
Select serving_line_1.jpg 29.0 KB Image 11/13/2013
Select 20130427_wp_04.jpg 77.3 KB Image 10/29/2013
Select 20130609_ba_02.jpg 71.7 KB Image 10/29/2013
Select 20110611_bf_01.jpg 101.3 KB Image 10/29/2013
Select almond_blossom_360.jpg 21.5 KB Image 10/29/2013
Select front_360.jpg 21.9 KB Image 10/29/2013
Select water_tank_330.jpg 37.3 KB Image 10/30/2013
Select backyard_02.jpg 61.0 KB Image 10/30/2013
Select k_2_room.jpg 49.1 KB Image 10/30/2013

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