Tags replaced folders in the new Media Center in JoyaCMS.  Right now it is a bit cluncky to manage tags, but we have plans to make that easier in the near future.  

Here is how you can manage your tags and images today:

To add, edit or delete a tag, press the Manage link next to where it says Tags on the left side of the Media Center

This brings up a small dialog where you can make changes:

If you delete a tag that is being used on items in the Media Center - that tag is also removed from those items - but you will need to refresh the page to see it updated on items in the table.

To add or change a tag in relationship to an item in the media center, click the name of the item and in the dialog that comes up you can remove tags or add new ones by beginning to type the name of a tag.  This text box will show a drop-down of the options after you begin typing and you can select the one you want to add.

More questions?  Open a support ticket and let us know what is missing!